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Diagnosys is an established Global Company with the sole aim of providing Electronic Test Solutions and Services Worldwide.
S500 - Functional & Diagnostic Test System
Configurable system for the functional pass / fail test of modules

Flexible and configurable functional test system which gives you:
  • A complete turnkey solution and rapid implementation into your environment
  • A common test platform for testing different modules with a reduced footprint
  • Unique diagnostic links to PinPoint for seamless fault-data transfer
  • An easy to use graphic interface for ease-of-use
  • Rapid Pass / Fail testing for electronic modules and circuits
  • Fully configurable system for any type of circuit
  • Common test platform for multiple applications
  • Excellent price : performance ratio
  • Fully documented and supported
  • Integral diagnostic capability
  • Comprehensive test programming service

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Pinpoint 11R - The Leading Benchtop Test System
The Diagnosys PinPoint II R provides industry-leading capability for the test and fault finding of the most challenging PCB (or CCAs). Allowing you to select and apply different test techniques on a single circuit, you can ensure maximum fault coverage.

Rapidly identifying the cause of failures in your PCBs with:

  • Best technical specifications driving accurate test and reliable fault identification
  • Configurable test capabilities
  • A wide range of diagnostic tools which can also be used interactively
  • Reverse engineering of electrical schematic diagrams
  • Rapid learning curves through an easy-to-use software environment
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PinPoint Alpha and PinPoint Sigma Benchtop Test Systems

Adaptable and Affordable PCB and IC Faultfinding System

The PinPoint Alpha and Sigma are an affordable high specification test system which can be upgraded with functionality and performance as required, offering scalable architecture and performance. It is available in 3 slot (PinPoint Alpha) or 10 slot (PinPoint Sigma) options.

The PinPoint range of test systems provide industry leading capability to test and fault-find the most challenging electronic circuits quickly and reliably. They allow the user to select and apply different test techniques to a single circuit ensuring comprehensive fault coverage.

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FaultFinder VIP

Rapid troubleshooting of PCB's in a portable unit for fault-finding in and out of the workshop

Turn your PC into an effective PCB Fault Finding System. FaultFinder VIP guides you to the exact point of failure on a PCB utilising power off test techniques to perform impedance analysis.

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Autopoint DT

Flying Probe System for Automatic Probing of a PCB or CCA

The AutoPoint DT allows you to apply your application and test requirements to a robotic platform for automated test point access. Using the built in test probe or custom test probe, the AutoPoint - DT adds flying probe technology to your new or existing test equipment.

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