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MFR Series Soldering and Rework Systems
Metcal MFR Series of affordable Soldering and Rework Systems utilising Metcal's proven SmartheatŠ technology providing exceptional power for high thermal demand applications. A variety of systems are available with single or dual simultaneous outputs and a selection of five handpieces for increased application solutions for soldering, thru-hole desoldering and rework. Each handpiece has a comprehensive range of cartridges or tips for maximum flexibility.

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MX-5200 Series Soldering and Rework Systems
mx The new MX-5200 Series Dual Simultaneous Soldering and Rework System is the latest generation of the trusted Metcal Soldering Systems that will enable you to increase productivity and process control for a wide range of applications. For two users or single user with dual applications the MX-5200 series can be operated with two handpieces dynamically sharing 80 watts output power based on demand

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Convection Rework
The new HCT2-120 Hot Air Pencil is the latest addition to Metcal's offering of convection rework tools. This digital handheld convection tool is ideally suited for applications which use smaller components and integrared circuits. As component miniaturisation continues the ergonomics of a pencil allow a user more freedom to access and rework components on the board without affecting adjacent parts. Supplied with 6 nozzles from 1.5mm - 4.0mm.

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MRS-1100A Modular Rework System



Convection Rework system for the removal and reflow of BGA/CSP and SMT components, featuring:

  • Digital display for repeatable temperature settings and profile control
  • Easy profile creation for operator repeatability
  • Integrated vacuum pickup for easy component removal, automatic pick-up at end of cycle
  • Manual mode for quick setup
  • External thermocouple for process setup and verification
  • Digital controlled airflow for repeatable results
  • X, Y, Z and Theta controls for component alignment
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Fluid Dispensing - Techcon
Techcon, an OK International Brand, has a fluid dispensing line of products offering a wide range of fluid dispensing devices and providing dispensing components & fluid dispensing equipment ranging from disposable accessories to complete microprocessor controlled fluid dispensing systems and precision valves. Our systems are developed to incorporate innovative designs, professional performance and ease of use, all within your budget.

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Fume Extraction
Metcal is a leading manufacturer of air purification equipment and systems for the electronics assembly and service industry. Metcal has developed a strong leadership in fume filtration for workbench applications and production line applications, such as reflow and wave solder machines. Available as benchtop single user, under-bench dual user, and multi-function for particle or gas extraction.

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